Plan of interaction between RNC BSEC and representation of the Stavropol Region Government under the Russian Federation Government

RNC BSEC is working out some issues of possibilities of involving the Black Sea region countries to projects realization in Stavropol region, in particular:

  • LUKOIL company project (sulfurous gas processing at Northern Caspian, including construction of gas-processing plant in Budennovsk);
  • project of melamine production;
  • development of question of realization of Stavropol enterprise “Concern Energomera” production, that controls 60% of Russian and 25% of world synthetic sapphire market, in the Black Sea region countries;
  • development of question of assistance in finding technologies for straw processing;
  • development of question of assistance in attraction of  investors for airport reconstruction in Stavropol;
  • development of question of assistance in finding aviation companies for Stavropol-Istanbul aviation transportation.

Question of Stavropol joining to the membership of the International Black Sea Club has been solved.