RNC BSEC Statutory Goals and objectives of activity

RNC BSEC Statutory Goals:

  • coordination of Russian business and public structures activities, related to participation of the Russian Federation in the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC);
  • assistance in performing activities related to regulations of social problems, development of the civil society in the Russian Federation, achievement of social, educational, charitable, cultural, scientific and management goals, as well as other objectives, directed towards the public welfare;
  • assistance to RNC BSEC members in their interaction with legislative and executive bodies of the Russian Federation state authorities;
  • to assist in working out main directions of the Russian Federation economic cooperation with the Black Sea region countries;
  • to assist in establishment and support of working relations with the BSEC, its working groups and forums, the BSEC Business Council, as well as with other international and national non-governmental organizations of the Black Sea region.

RNC BSEC Objectives of activity:

  • organization of cooperation with the Black Sea region countries on priority matters of BSEC activities in economic areas, such as: energy, transportation, telecommunications,  environmental protection, science and technology, investments in education and vocational training, development of agriculture and food supply security, tourism, increasing the role of BSEC SMEs entrepreneurial activities, soft security measures within the framework of multilateral economic cooperation in the wide European context (fight against organized crime, illegal drug and armaments trafficking, terrorism, corruption and money laundering) within the framework and in the scope of the Russian Federation legislation.
  • organization and holding of conferences, symposiums and seminars in the Russian Federation and abroad on economic and social development issues in the Black Sea region, holding of exhibitions, trade fairs and business-forums;
  • organization of analysis of main trends and directions of economic development and interaction between the Black Sea Region countries;
  • implementation of special programs of particular importance, not contradicting to the Russian legislation, in accordance with the request of the Russian Federation Government and other state bodies;
  • implementation of other activities that are not contradictory to the existing Russian legislation and the present Charter.

RNC BSEC Management

Prof. Viktor Arkhipov

Chairman of the Committee
Member of the Board of Directors of the BSEC Business Council
Candidate of Economic Sciences

Working groups


The list of new Russian technologies offered to the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

Under the edition of Deputy Chairman RNC BSEC on Science, Director of “Center of Expertise and Analytics", Doctor of economic sciences,

Video: Problems of Black Sea Economic Cooperation and its decisions, RNC for BSEC position

Duration – 11 minutes 33 seconds. Size – 68 Mb, format – WMV.  Moscow 2010. Language: Russian/English.


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